Aspens in Autumn, Elk Mountain Ranch, CO by Don J Schulte on Flickr.

Jon Snow, Season 4 :)

"Why I love Autumn"
By Great Wide World Photography

143-_T1H5916 (by Francesco Tosi)
Taken on February 27, 2014

"Take a Walk in Autumn" 
Happy first day of Autumn! Celebrate with a walk, or just going by outside :)

Lake Louise II - By: Patrick Mena

Life Update

All I do is work. The people at work look down on me because I’ve never served before and they think they are better/more intelligent than me.
All my friends have moved on to beginning their careers or moved to a different city.
I have no girlfriend, not even remotely. The most I can get are matches on Tinder or the number from a 30-something year old mother at the shitty bar in town, who’s not even that good looking.
The car my buddy was going to sell me won’t pass inspection, so it’s useless to me. Because of this, I won’t be able to visit any of my friends for the near future, from college or home.
And yet life goes on. Sigh.


Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park / Aragon, Spainby: rogalonso

Heaven Meets Earth by Keith “Captain Photo” Cuddeback on Flickr.

That moment when…